Customer testimonials
"I bought a most gorgeous black evening skirt from Odelyn a few years ago. I was slightly hesitant about buying it at first but Odelyn gently persuaded me to try it on and I was convinced. An unusual design, beautifully made, it makes me feel (and look) stunning, in a subtle kind of way - the best way! I have worn it to dinner at special places like Claridges as well as small intimate restaurants, and it never fails to draw attention. Women usually ask me, "Where have you bought that skirt from??" Men just keep on looking.

I also have one of Odelyn's shorter length knitted scarves, in white. It's very good weight, knitted from a soft, beautiful cotton yarn that always feels silky yet warm, and gives an accent of brightness at the neck without too much bulky length.
My partner has one of Odelyn's cashmere scarves in charcoal which is divinely soft.
We feel that she is scrupulously careful about choosing the best possible fabrics and yarn for her garments, and pays great attention to the detail of each item.

All articles were extremely good prices for original designer prices. We love owning part of the Odelyn Smith collection of individual pieces. She is an honest person, true to her vision, and it is obvious that she has enormous integrity in following and finalising her original ideas with great care."
Penelope Watson-Farrar

"As a size 22-24 woman I have felt alienated from fashion in the last ten years. Meeting Odelyn was a miracle; she has great empathy and a unique understanding of design for fully figured women, unlike the other designers at Spitalfields Market.
The only person that I can think that she is equivalent to is the great Issey Miyake - high quality.

Odelyn's designs are so elegant yet innovative in design. She has knitted two skirts for me and two beautiful multi throws and two neck scarves that have been appropriate for all four seasons. I know these clothes will be worn time and time again, because of the robust knit combinations and durability of the clothes that will last for years.

Her high standard of designs have enabled me to have more choice within the fashion industry now. Odelyn Smith's designs are truly unique and are beautifully crafted"
Tara Bhattacharya
"I have bought three organza shawls as presents for members of my family from Odelyn. The shawls were sewn in rich colours of gold and purple. They were all delighted with their presents that fitted perfectly. I have been told by each family member that they always receive great comments when the shawls are worn.

I have also purchased a woolen shawl for myself which it looks beautiful worn both in the day and at night."
Sharon Arthur
"Loving the cuffs and the whole style of Odelyn's work???.totally original!! Every time I wear one of the pieces I have purchased I always have someone asking me, "Where can I buy that?" etc
I am an artist who is about to release an Album and will definitely be wearing Odelyn Smith's designs. A talented, original, creative, Designer."
John Gibbons